Reebok's The Question was Allen Iverson's first sneaker.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that NBA legend Allen Iverson has officially signed back with the Philadelphia 76ers this past week.

With Iverson’s return back to the “City of Brotherly Love,” Reebok decided smartly to re-release his first sneaker, The Questions, in limited quantities to Footlocker stores around the nation. In my opinion, and I may be wrong but it’s my opinion, these sneakers are the best LOOKING basketball shoes of all time!

I know, I know, this is a very bold statement but that is just how passionately I feel about these sneakers. I love them.

My opinion could be based solely on the marketing placed on these shoes and just how well Iverson performed in them but I absolutely love them. I can remember when these first hit the shelves back in 1996 and I was just a young kid, eight-years-old to be exact, and I didn’t have them originally because my parents weren’t hip to how great these shoes were. Instead, they were stuck on MJ’s and I had the black/white Air Jordan 12’s, which were not a bad shoe, just not the ones that I truly wanted.

I adored the Questions, especially the Red/White colorway with the suede toe. They were fire! On top of that, A.I. accomplished so much in the shoe, he made me think I could be just as good as him if I had a pair. He planted the initial seeds towards establishing himself as an iconic figure with the streetball swagger that the game had been missing. He led the Sixers with 23.5 points (sixth in the NBA), 7.5 assists (11th) and 2.07 steals (seventh) in 40.1 minutes (eighth) per game, and he crossed up MJ. Enough said.

Who wouldn’t want to be this guy?I know I did.

While I never was able to get the original colorway that I have always wanted, I was able to get a couple of different colorways over the years. I had a pair in gray and blue as well as a pair in black and gold, but nothing compares to those originals and I hope that I will be able to get them soon.

I could remember fighting for the number 3 back in the day at Summerfield Elementary School as well as spending hours in my driveway on Raskob Street trying to perfect my crossover so that mine could look just as half as good as his did. He was like a GOD to me and my friends at the time and he finally gave me a person that I felt like I could relate to.

All of these memories are what The Question’s signify to me: Swagger, Style, the streets, and most importantly Allen Iverson. Last season, the SLAM magazine rewarded me with press passes to the Detroit Pistons games to cover them and ironically my first game that I covered was Allen Iverson’s first home game when they took on the Boston Celtics. Although Iverson didn’t perform up to his usual standards as he only finished with just 10 points on 4-11 shooting in 31 minutes of action, his effect on me was priceless. I was literally in the Pistons locker room shaking and star struck as I watched him sit and talk on the phone prior to the game. After about five minutes of this I finally built up enough courage to shake his hand, which was very unprofessional to me now as I reflect back, but I am proud to say that I have some type of personal history with one of my idols.

To top off this experience, Pistons Athletic Trainer, Mike Abdenour brought out multiple Reebok sneaks for the legend including the original Questions in red, white and blue and Iverson turned them down and wore the Answer VII’s instead. I wanted to just shake him say “No! Please rock the Questions? Do it for me!!” but I kept my composure.

After the game, I even got Celtics guard Ray Allen to comment on “The Answer” in which he reflected on their younger years. I nervously asked him “How does it feel to play against him in his first home game as a Piston after having so many battles with him over the years stemming back from the Georgetown/UConn days?” He responded with this.

“We’ve had a lot of battles over the years to think over the last 15 years and just seeing him being traded and seeing him be here is like the same and as times goes by it’s like we’re not young anymore but we’re still getting the job done and still one of the best,” Allen said. “Now we have to see him four times a year as I did when I was in Milwaukee so you’re always gonna see the best players and the best players are always gonna rise up to the top and I’m sure we’re gonna see them quite a bit towards the end of the season so we look forward to it and at the same time it’s very challenging.”

While Ray Allen was obviously referring to Iverson and the Pistons last season, this quote now applies to this season. As Allen Iverson prepares for his first game back in a Sixers uni since 2006 against the Denver Nuggets tonight, he would get my utmost respect if he decides to take it back to when I was just an eight-year-old trying to be like him and rock the Questions.

On that note…here is a trip back to down memory lane…


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Photos of Nike LeBron VII!

November 4, 2009


The Box!


A Masterpiece!



*All Photos were taken by Eric Woodyard at the Crossroads Mall in Portage, Michigan!

by Eric WoodyardNike Air Max LeBron VII

This is a public service announcement…

The Nike Air Max LeBron VIIs are the hottest basketball sneakers in the game right now!

With the seventh release of the LeBron James signature shoe, I have to admit that it sounds a little cliché to list the latest shoe as the greatest shoe but it’s true. There no other way to explain it because it’s clearly the best of the bunch.

“The New LeBron VII takes my signature line to a new level of innovation,” LeBron James said on

Nearly every aspect of the shoe is beautiful which forms to make the product an overall masterpiece. Not only is the shoe eye candy for sneakerheads, it also provides maximum comfort and stability to the foot while still managing to pay homage to a few the King’s best personality traits.

Ditching the Zoom technology that was incorporated in the previous six sneakers and replacing it with the new Max Air 360 unit, James quickly shows that he’s willing to improve every aspect of his sneaker’s on-court performance. This unit contains 80 percent more air than the previous full-length unit and I can tell you from personal experience that it makes a hell of a lot of difference. This unit provides that walking-on-pillows feel and makes you forget that you’re even wearing a shoe at times.

Nike also decided to incorporate the Flywire technology into the product as well (a la Nike Hyperdunk/Hypermax) which drastically decreases the weight of the shoe. LeBron’s shoes have generally become known for heaviness and bulkiness, but this shoe is very lightweight.

The difference between the Flywire used in this sneaker than it was in previous Nike products is that a double-layer of the technology is crafted into the shoe. The double-layer Flywire is great for managing harder cuts because it makes the shoe stiffer and more durable to hold the inner beast of King James or anyone else for that matter.

“When designing the Air Max LeBron VII, we envisioned a shoe that was both strong and comfortable,” Nike Footwear Designer, Jason Petrie said on “We delivered a shoe that is a perfect combination of superior performance and luxurious style, embodying LeBron himself.”

Paying homage to the legendary of LeBron James, as with all of the others, was also a theme of the shoe as several hints are placed throughout the shoe to remind you just whose shoes you are wearing. These include his symbol obviously, his autograph on the tongue, as well a few of his favorite punchlines (Passion, Fearless, Tradition, Community, Family, Loyalty) in several parts of the shoe.

Outside of all the technological details that went with the creation of the product, it’s just very stylish. You can rock the shoe with jeans or sweatpants and still look hot while doing so.

After purchasing the shoe, I decided to wear the shoe to a step-show on our campus and one of the security guards asked me if they were Michael Jordan’s? This is the ultimate complemeNike Air Max LeBron VII boxnt for a basketball sneaker.

Despite all of the innovative qualities with the production of the shoe, it doesn’t come at a cheap price. The suggested retail is a hefty $160.

For a struggling college student like myself, satisfying that passion for flashin’ is pretty expensive for this product, but I truly believe that the Nike Air Max LeBron VIIs are worth the investment.

Pros: Quality, Style, Comfort

Cons: $160 Price Tag

Verdict: Must Have!

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Fresh Kicks! 

Despite the notable difference in uniform color, there is a key attribute that seperates the Orlando Magic’s rookie guard/forward, Courtney Lee, from when he plays at home and when he’s on the road.

His sneakers!

On the road he rocks the Nike Huarache 09’s…a solid shoe, but nothing spectatular. At the crib though…he hops up out the bed and turns his swag on when he laces up the Nike Air Penny 3’s. Classic kicks from a classic player!!

pennyThe number 3 pick in the 1993 NBA Draft, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, starred for the Magic from 1993-1999 before injuries cut his career short. During this short stint, Penny’s swag also stayed on a hundred. A lot of this had to do with his personal style; his kicks were always fresh, he could handle the rock with ease despite being 6-7, and his jersey let it be known that he was numero uno!

Lil Penny, Hardaway’s trash talking sidekick, also played a huge role in his coolness as well.  In the Air Penny 3 commercials, Tyra Banks was added to the mix to give viewers a little eyecandy.

The best commercial from this particular sneaker was called  ‘frozen moment.’ It showcases Penny at the park doin’ work while Lil Penny talks trash, several kids from the neighborhood watch from outside, and Tyra looks disinterested in the action while everything moves in slow motion with an emphasis on the shoe. 

In my opinion, any player that has a contract with Nike and doesn’t have his own signature shoe should be required to rock ANY old school Penny Hardaway sneaks at one point. All of his joints were hot and had the flyest commercials to complement them.

Although Lee has been assigned the tough task of trying to slow down the Black Mamba in the NBA Finals, he has to feel a bit refreshed knowing that his sneakers are dope. Rocking the kicks of the last man to stop MJ from getting a title with the Bulls has to serve as some kind of motivation.

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Shout Outs to Dime Mag!

January 10, 2009 linked my top 9 list to their site today!

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My love for sneakers has been documented! Instead of saving my money and being abstinent towards the sneaker game, I spend all of the extra money that I get for a fresh pair of kicks. The feeling is addictive and I relish it. Just recently I purchased the all black LeBron six’s which drew attention from a player from the Sacramento Kings when I rocked them to the game they played in the Palace of Auburn Hills. 

While many sites have been looking back into the past, I am looking forward to the future. For 2009, here are my top  9 sneakers for the first half of 2009.

9.  Nike Zoom MVP: After two back-to-back seasons of winning the MVP (2004-2005, 2005-2006), The Canadian has finally been rewarded with his own signature shoe from the guys in Beaverton. Phoenix Suns guard, Steve Nash first signature sneaker will be released in the upcoming weeks.  



8. Nike Huarache 2009: After the highly successful versions of the Huarache 2k4 and 2k5 that began Kobe’s marriage to the swoosh, they have returned with the 2k9. With a release set for sometime in February, look for players like Tony Parker and Chris Bosh to be rocking these for the season.

7. Nike KD 1: Kevin Durant has been special since his days at Texas. The Sophomore has been donned with his own signature shoe that is rumored to be released this Spring.

6. Air Jordan Force Fusion VI (6): How can you go wrong with a mix of the classic Air Jordan 6 and the original Air Force 1. With a release date set for January 10, these are a must haves for 09.

5. Air Jordan CP3 II: After an MVP-type season last year after he was awarded his first signature shoe, the Jordan Brand has followed up with another sneaker for Chris Paul. These will hit stores March 3 and will go for $122.

you gotta love them!

you gotta love them!

4.Reebok The Answer 12: Celebrating his first season as a Detroit Piston, the folks at Reebok have cooked up Allen Iverson’s 12th sneaker. Inspired by the poem Invictus Warrior, expect these shoes to hit stores in February for $100.



3. Nike Air Penny 3: It’s no question that Penny Hardaway was the man for the Orlando Magic in his prime. His sweet commericials with Lil Penny made him Nike’s main man (…behind MJ) in the 90’s. These kicks will hit stores in the upcoming weeks for $135.  



2. Converse Weapon 86: I won’t promise you that you will be able to run the break like Magic Johnson or outduel Larry Bird in a game of one-on-one but what I can say is that if you cop these, you will turn heads. On February 1st these will hit stores with a new touch of suede for $80.



1. Nike Zoom Kobe 4: Who says you cant wear a low-cut sneaker to play basketball? Kobe is trying to shut everyone up on January 17th when he releases his fourth sneaker with Nike which will be the lightest basketball sneaker ever for $119.99. You better have your ankle insurance!

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