Courtney Lee’s Penny’s Count!

June 11, 2009

Fresh Kicks! 

Despite the notable difference in uniform color, there is a key attribute that seperates the Orlando Magic’s rookie guard/forward, Courtney Lee, from when he plays at home and when he’s on the road.

His sneakers!

On the road he rocks the Nike Huarache 09’s…a solid shoe, but nothing spectatular. At the crib though…he hops up out the bed and turns his swag on when he laces up the Nike Air Penny 3’s. Classic kicks from a classic player!!

pennyThe number 3 pick in the 1993 NBA Draft, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, starred for the Magic from 1993-1999 before injuries cut his career short. During this short stint, Penny’s swag also stayed on a hundred. A lot of this had to do with his personal style; his kicks were always fresh, he could handle the rock with ease despite being 6-7, and his jersey let it be known that he was numero uno!

Lil Penny, Hardaway’s trash talking sidekick, also played a huge role in his coolness as well.  In the Air Penny 3 commercials, Tyra Banks was added to the mix to give viewers a little eyecandy.

The best commercial from this particular sneaker was called  ‘frozen moment.’ It showcases Penny at the park doin’ work while Lil Penny talks trash, several kids from the neighborhood watch from outside, and Tyra looks disinterested in the action while everything moves in slow motion with an emphasis on the shoe. 

In my opinion, any player that has a contract with Nike and doesn’t have his own signature shoe should be required to rock ANY old school Penny Hardaway sneaks at one point. All of his joints were hot and had the flyest commercials to complement them.

Although Lee has been assigned the tough task of trying to slow down the Black Mamba in the NBA Finals, he has to feel a bit refreshed knowing that his sneakers are dope. Rocking the kicks of the last man to stop MJ from getting a title with the Bulls has to serve as some kind of motivation.

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