Eric Woodyard’s Top 9 Sneakers of 2009!

January 6, 2009

My love for sneakers has been documented! Instead of saving my money and being abstinent towards the sneaker game, I spend all of the extra money that I get for a fresh pair of kicks. The feeling is addictive and I relish it. Just recently I purchased the all black LeBron six’s which drew attention from a player from the Sacramento Kings when I rocked them to the game they played in the Palace of Auburn Hills. 

While many sites have been looking back into the past, I am looking forward to the future. For 2009, here are my top  9 sneakers for the first half of 2009.

9.  Nike Zoom MVP: After two back-to-back seasons of winning the MVP (2004-2005, 2005-2006), The Canadian has finally been rewarded with his own signature shoe from the guys in Beaverton. Phoenix Suns guard, Steve Nash first signature sneaker will be released in the upcoming weeks.  



8. Nike Huarache 2009: After the highly successful versions of the Huarache 2k4 and 2k5 that began Kobe’s marriage to the swoosh, they have returned with the 2k9. With a release set for sometime in February, look for players like Tony Parker and Chris Bosh to be rocking these for the season.

7. Nike KD 1: Kevin Durant has been special since his days at Texas. The Sophomore has been donned with his own signature shoe that is rumored to be released this Spring.

6. Air Jordan Force Fusion VI (6): How can you go wrong with a mix of the classic Air Jordan 6 and the original Air Force 1. With a release date set for January 10, these are a must haves for 09.

5. Air Jordan CP3 II: After an MVP-type season last year after he was awarded his first signature shoe, the Jordan Brand has followed up with another sneaker for Chris Paul. These will hit stores March 3 and will go for $122.

you gotta love them!

you gotta love them!

4.Reebok The Answer 12: Celebrating his first season as a Detroit Piston, the folks at Reebok have cooked up Allen Iverson’s 12th sneaker. Inspired by the poem Invictus Warrior, expect these shoes to hit stores in February for $100.



3. Nike Air Penny 3: It’s no question that Penny Hardaway was the man for the Orlando Magic in his prime. His sweet commericials with Lil Penny made him Nike’s main man (…behind MJ) in the 90’s. These kicks will hit stores in the upcoming weeks for $135.  



2. Converse Weapon 86: I won’t promise you that you will be able to run the break like Magic Johnson or outduel Larry Bird in a game of one-on-one but what I can say is that if you cop these, you will turn heads. On February 1st these will hit stores with a new touch of suede for $80.



1. Nike Zoom Kobe 4: Who says you cant wear a low-cut sneaker to play basketball? Kobe is trying to shut everyone up on January 17th when he releases his fourth sneaker with Nike which will be the lightest basketball sneaker ever for $119.99. You better have your ankle insurance!

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