Andre Rison Unplugged

February 8, 2011

I’m not good at predicting, I ‘m like good at almost knowing though.

You’ve got two great teams about to play. A great defense on both sides of the ball. Then you got Green Bay’s quarterback but the only thing is one quarterback has already won two Super Bowls and a MVP so Pittsburgh gets the nod on offense but I think Green Bay has the most talent on offense. Then when you look at the defensive side of the ball you got great players who have been great players for quite some time now on Pittsburgh’s defense with (Troy) Polamalu and LaMarr Woodley and those guys and (James) Harrison. They’ve been there, they’ve done it before, they’ve won it all before, so the experience really lies on Pittsburgh’s defense again so they get the check on offense and defense but if you check the Vegas lines, I think they might have Green Bay maybe with the slight edge.

They say that because how hot Aaron Rodgers has been so just because how hot he’s been all throughout the playoffs and that they played all them tough games on the road. It’s gon be nothing for those guys to go out in Dallas and play like they’ve been playing and he’s got a great cast and one of my best friends personally, which is Charles Woodson.

Also, I have great ties with the head coach (Mike McCarthy). Coach was an assistant at the Kansas City Chiefs and I actually made the Pro Bowl and he ran the scout team when I was with the Chiefs  so I used to always rag on him and tell him I was on the scout team just to stay in shape once the season started so him and I got real close. In that particular year we happened to have a good record in football you know I went to the Pro Bowl that year so I flew him and his fiance out to Hawaii to the Pro Bowl and we became best of friends while I was in Kansas City so I’m very happy and proud of him as a coach and a friend to see him get his opportunity in the Super Bowl especially this year with all the great coaches that have coached Green Bay. Just for his name to be affiliated with them is a great accomplishment and achievement.

Both teams have a lot of great tradition. The Rooney’s, they set the bar and the standards for owners and ownership. When it comes to class, they’ve always been a classy organization. I can recall one time on draft day, they were on the line calling me and half of the staff wanted me and half of the staff wanted Tim Worley but I was almost there.

I also played for the defensive coordinator of the Steel Curtains. I’ve always been a Pittsburgh fan then on top of it I go to Green Bay and win the Super Bowl in Green Bay for Green Bay so I my heart is leaning towards Green Bay.

It will be great to see a great game, nobody hurt and the best team win. On that day, Super Bowl Sunday,  I’m gonna be real with you who ever commits the least turnovers is gonna win the game. You got two guys that like to take the chances but I know a lot of people that dont really know the game inside and out really dont understand how important a center is especially going into a game of this magnitude. I know how critical a center is because he has to make all the calls and he has to take his snaps pretty much all year with the quarterback so that could come into play.

There’s a lot that could come into play. Both have great special teams but I’m also close to Greg Jennings, who’s a close friend of mine. He’s like a little brother of mine. He’s had a outstanding career. I’m very proud of him but if I had to put a thumb on it and tell you the reasons why Green Bay will win the game I would have to say it’s because of the secondary.

I think their secondary matches up better with Pittsburgh’s receivers as opposed of Pittsburgh’s defensive secondary matching up with Jennings and (Donald) Driver. Then you got the running backs coming through there like the young boy James Starks. The young boy Starks can present problems.

Green Bay has been able to run the ball on pretty much everybody. I haven’t seen nobody stop the run game because they’re good at the screen game so it’s gonna be like one of those New England/Green Bay type of games in Super Bowl XXXI.

It’s totally different than the regular season. Playoffs are different than the regular season and then NFC championship games are different from the playoff games that you played in and then the Super Bowl is different than all of them. I mean, you’re talking about a once in a lifetime chance to actually play in front of not only millions of fans but also all of your peers.

We don’t get a chance to watch each other play too much, not unless we see each other on film or we see some highlights. But you know you got everybody that’s involved in the National Football League as a player, as a past player, as alumni, everybody’s glued to that game and that’s your chance where you get to lay it all on the line, and one chance where you can change your whole football career just in that one game.

I seen Desmond Howard change the game from a special teams standpoint and become Super Bowl MVP (over) myself over Brett Favre over Reggie White. A special teams guy won it and he changed the game.

(I enjoy) the longevity of people remembering that you played in it. I can’t go no where in the country right now and when people see me or talk to me they bring up the Super Bowl. The fact that I played with Brett Favre and I caught the first touchdown in the Super Bowl. I caught the first touchdown in the Super Bowl, first pass of the game from Brett Favre. That right there, knowing that one day I will have to answer to God’s call in battle’s field and be in the databank of the game of football I believe that probably was the wildest thing that I’ve grasped so far from the Super Bowl.

You never forget the memories and the teammates that you played with, those are always your friends. I gotta have it 28-14, Green Bay. Outside of this, this the last prediction I got until we play Flint Beecher again.

As told to Eric Woodyard of the Flint Journal


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