The NFL Is Going Soft!

October 21, 2010

By Eric Woodyard
Western Herald

The pressure from the Atlanta Falcons’ defense came faster than usual. As quickly as Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback, Kevin Kolb, received the hike they were on him. At the last minute, Kolb spotted an open receiver, DeSean Jackson, running across the middle of the field. With no hesitation, Kolb connected with Jackson…bang! The bang wasn’t actually from the pass but from the big hit that Falcons’ cornerback, Dunta Robinson placed on the defenseless Jackson that knocked both players out of Sunday’s game.

It wasn’t helmet-to-helmet, more shoulder-to-shoulder.

A few minutes after the hit, they could both get up and walk and although it looked scary, everyone knows that this is part of the game. The problem is that there were also a few more big hits last weekend. Patriots’ safety, Brandon Meriweather put a questionable hit on the Ravens’ Todd Heap and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, James Harrison, lit up two Cleveland Browns players up.

Due to the ferocity of these attacks, the NFL will be implementing a new rule. Starting in Week 7, NFL referees will be enforcing rules already on the books for “devastating hits” and “head shots.” Offenders will be candidates for suspension. Although none of the players involved in last week’s great strikes were suspended, they were fined.

Robinson and Meriweather were charged $50,000. Harrison was punished with $75,000.

My only question is, ‘What are devastating hits?’ Isn’t this is the essence of football! Big hits like these are what everyone loves to see. They keep viewers interested and ratings sky high. Devastating tackles is what makes the game so unique. Football would not be football without them. You can’t take this out of the game.

Great tackles is how stars are made. Players like Ray Lewis, Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor, and Dick Butkus and many others have all become legends because of their great tackling abilities. Never did they have to think about were their hits too devastating, they just went and laid who ever was in from of them out with no regard. Now the NFL is forcing these professionals to really think before they act if they don’t want to hurt their bank accounts. This will make the game weaker.

However, I do agree that helmet-to-helmet hits are dirty. No one should be allowed to use a method of protection to in order to help them hurt someone. This is understandable but the devastating hits rule has to be abolished. It’s a joke. This is professional football not for amateurs.

When these athletes decided to sign their professional contracts and later lace up their sneakers before stepping on the field, they knew they were susceptible for plays like these.

Falcons’ cornerback has a legitimate reason to be mad.

“I am disappointed by the NFL’s ruling,” Robinson said in a statement. “I recognize the goal is to protect all players, from the Pee Wee level on up. However, this was a bang-bang hit situation where I did not lead with my helmet, and therefore I will appeal. Although it was a violent hit, my hit did not violate the NFL’s rules, and I was playing the game the way I always have. I am not a dirty player and have never been characterized as one.”

If players don’t want to get hit than they have an easier option, quit!


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  1. carlos collins said

    The NFL is crazy ! !

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