Rodney Stuckey: He’s Got The Juice Now!

September 30, 2010


By Eric Woodyard

There were many questions for the Detroit Pistons heading into this Monday’s media day.

Could they adjust to addition of Tracy McGrady? Will they be able to stay healthy? How can they turn around a losing season? Are Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince on the trading block?

None was bigger than Rodney Stuckey’s comments he made about the franchise this off-season.

“Last year was tough. We were inconsistent. There was no chemistry. We all just have to stay healthy and the sky is the limit for us. On paper, we are the best team in the League.” Rodney Stuckey said to Dime magazine earlier this month. “We are deep and athletic. All we have to do is play to our abilities. We don’t have the biggest roster, but if we share the ball, we’ll be alright.”

To most basketball fans, this had to be a joke. Everyone wondered how did Stuckey believe that a team who had won just 32 percent of their games last season, with an overall record of 27-55, could somehow be the best team this year? When put under pressure from the various media outlets at the event, Stuckey somewhat cleared up his statements.

“That was inaccurate, he kind of wrote it down wrong. I told him that we were one of the best, not the best team and we are,” Stuckey said at the Pistons’ media day. “I believe in my team, I believe that we are very athletic, we have a lot of great players on the team and I think if we could put it together and work as one then we will be pretty good. I know the Eastern Conference is tough now but I think that if we all stay healthy the sky is the limit for this team.”

The newfound confidence comes from a lighter, faster, and quicker, Rodney Stuckey who claims to have lost 10 pounds this off-season. With four years experience and the green light from his team and coaching staff, this could be the year that Stuckey emerges as one of the best young talents in the league at the lead guard position.

He gave fans a glimpse of what he was capable of last year when he averaged a career-high, 16.6 points per game, 3.8 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per game. This year he looks to take it up a notch further.

“I’m gonna be a lot more vocal this year, it’s just in my nature and it’s just my time to take over this team and just to be that vocal person and also just to lead on the court,” Stuckey added. “It starts in practice though and each and every day I gotta come out and work and show that I’m here to get better each and every day and once I do that in practice than it’s gonna lead into games.”

The Detroit Pistons may not be the best team in the league but they will have the best Rodney Stuckey that they could possibly have. He’s got the juice now.

*This post can also be viewed in the Western Herald!


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