Welcome To The Michael Vick Experience

September 23, 2010

By Eric Woodyard

There was a buzz heading into last week’s Detroit Lions game. Not from the Lions, but because who would be starting at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

This quarterback hadn’t started since 2006, lost all endorsements and money, and was forced to do a 18-month stint in the Big House. Despite his long absence from that starting role, both players and fans knew what he was capable of:

  • Excitement
  • Electricity
  • Explosion

“The Michael Vick” experience is what Nike dubbed it!

Remember that commercial? A young, chipper, black kid with cornrows boarded a rollercoaster. He was strapped in the typical orange roller coaster harness, but on top of that he was given a pair of crispy, black/red, Nike Air Zoom Vick 2’s and a shiny Atlanta Falcons helmet before being smacked in the head by the worker and told to “enjoy the ride.” The ride seemed cool and the kid was prepared as a virtual Michael Vick gave him all of the precautions to take before entering the field. Then it was game time and the kid was dropped off in the middle of the field. His mood immediately changed when the Falcons’ center hiked him the ball and he was forced to live in the shoes of Vick for just one play. The ride made the kid participate in a series of jukes and fakes before running into the end zone for a touchdown in the end. In this commercial, Nike was able to capture the essence of Michael Vick at his best.

For three years, football has missed this. By “this,” I mean Michael Vick. The act of watching Michael Vick on his job was nothing like watching any other quarterback perform, it truly was an experience. From his throwing hand to his speed to his on-field swagger. Vick represented the streets. He was Allen Iverson on a football field.

Against the Detroit Lions this past Sunday, Vick brought that excitement back to the sport. It was his first start in four years and it didn’t look like he had missed a beat as he picked the Lions defense apart, throwing for 284 yards and two touchdowns while completing 21 of his 34 passes. Vick also rushed for another 37 yards, showing that he still can do damage with his foot speed when put in that predicament. He led the Eagles to a 35-32 victory, giving Lions fans a first glimpse of this year’s experience. 

When the season began, who would have imagined that we would be talking about Vick in this light? He was supposed to be the second-string quarter back. This was Kevin Kolb’s team right? Vick was also involved yet another incident before this season began, this time in a confrontation after his 30th birthday party concluded and everyone immediately wanted to right him off the radar. His head coach, Andy Reid, still insisted that Kolb would return to his starting role even after Vick’s magnificent performance in Ford Field. Then this happened. Michael Vick is named the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles as they travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars this Sunday. What are we suppose to make of this? I know…we’re supposed to embrace this, rejoice, and be thankful. This is what football needs. I hope everyone is ready for “The Michael Vick Experience.”

*This post can also be viewed on the Western Herald’s website!


One Response to “Welcome To The Michael Vick Experience”

  1. “Vick represented the streets. He was Allen Iverson on a football field.” This is the best statement ever..

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