Louis Delmas: Bigger, faster, stronger

September 9, 2010

There’s a reason Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, thinks so highly of a certain Detroit Lions player entering his second season in the NFL.

There’s a reason he described him as a “safety who will be one of the best hands down with hella swagg.” There’s also a reason he posted this on his Twitter page in mid-August:

“#Onmymoma I guarantee Louis Delmas will be one of the best to play the game at safety, he brings a different style to the position.”

The reason is Louis Delmas. When the Lions took on the Bengals in week 13 last season, although Ochocinco hauled in nine catches for a season-high 137 yards and a touchdown, Delmas impressed him.

“All week (Ochocinco) was ripping and raving, telling me I gotta sit down because I’m a rookie and telling me that I need to be in my place and putting out these little jokes about Detroit Lions football,” Delmas said.

“So I was just ready to get out there and play against him and I told myself ‘the minute he put his hands out there and try to catch that ball and I’m in his area? I’m gonna try my hardest to lay him out!’ So when he caught the ball and started running, I just seen my opportunity and I was like ‘I’m taking this one.’ So that was the most fulfilling hit,” Delmas added.

In his rookie season, the former Western Michigan University Bronco gave Lions fans big plays all year.

Delmas became the first rookie in league history and second player ever to score on an interception return, fumble return and a safety in one season.

He also registered 79 tackles (54 solo) and scored more defensive points than any rookie in 2009.

Still, his only individual accolade would come early in the season when he won September’s Rookie Defensive Player of the Month Award.

Despite all Delmas’ amazing efforts, the Houston Texans’ linebacker, Brian Cushing, almost unanimously ran away the Defensive Rookie of the Year trophy with 39 votes.

Delmas received zero.

The runner-up was Buffalo’s safety Jairus Byrd who was second with six votes. Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews received three votes and Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo got two votes according to a nation-wide panel of 50 sports writers.

Delmas didn’t make the Pro-Bowl, even as an alternate. This lack of respect for his talents serves as motivation for him this season.

“I think it’s not my opinion that counts so I’m not the one throwing in votes and I’m not the one picking myself to go to the Pro-Bowl. It’s up to everybody else so obviously I didn’t prove to a lot of people that I could be a Pro-Bowl type Safety so of course that bugged me a little bit,” Delmas said.

“I thought I did OK, not great so this off-season I had one thing in mind. Actually a couple days after my last game, I had one thing in mind and that’s to be the best Safety in the NFL. That’s been my goal since day one and I’m gonna keep trying to achieve my goal.”

With his fearless hitting tactics and complete skill set, all signs point to stardom for the Florida native.

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