Mark Ingram Jr’s Homecoming Speech!

May 24, 2010

Flint's own, Mark Ingram at the podium in Atwood Stadium.

Good afternoon everybody! It’s good to be home, I will tell you that much. Me and my family, we’re real honored to be here today and we just really enjoy everybody that came out here to support us and you guys really don’t know how much we appreciate it and all of the love that you guys have been showing us and it’s greatly appreciated and I love you guys too and thank you.

And um, I wanna thank the committee that put all of this together and made this a success today because this is a special event and this is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m a very blessed individual and people often wonder how I can be so humble but it’s just I know who’s in control of my life and that’s with the help of my church family and the youth choir that just sang right now. I love coming home just to be able to go to church and hear them and we’re all close. We’re not a big church but we all love each other and we worship every Sunday.

I can’t even put into words what it felt like in that month of December and January (after) winning the Heisman and the national championship. It was magical and I did in one month what most athletes dream of doing in their whole careers. I’ve celebrated in lots of places and been honored in lots of places but it’s more special to me and I feel the more (love) being honored at home and celebrating with the people that I grew up with and my family and people that live in the same city so this is real special for me today.
I’m proud that the city thinks of me so high and that I’m a role model for kids everywhere, but I’m more importantly proud to show the young people in this community that they can be successful as long as they put their minds to anything that they wanna do. When Trevor came up here and he was reading me his paragraph or whatever, that was the coolest thing to me ever. I mean, just the fact that I have somebody looking up to me and somebody that I’m a role model for…I’m only 20 years old…I’m still trying to live myself so that’s just amazing and I’m truly grateful for that.

But none of this would have been possible without my family. We’re all real close, we’ve been through lots of hardships and rough times but we’ve always persevered and pushed through them all. I’d like to thank my mother, she’s always been there for me. My father on being a great influence on my life and helping me become the man I am today. My sisters and all my family, I got aunts, uncles, and cousins all right there. I can’t even point them all out to you guys. But we all appreciate it and we’ve had fun and this has been a great atmosphere today. I’d also like to thank Southwestern, my school, S-DUB!  For all that they’ve did today. I’d like to thank Grand Blanc for all that they’ve done today as well. I’d like to thank the mayor, Ryan and Greg, all of the athletes that came back. They embraced me with open arms and gave me encouraging words all throughout the season and I love them all because they’ve been there for me through everything. I’d also like to thank my coach at Southwestern, I know they’re here Coach (Gary) Lee. Coach I know all you guys are here. I thank you for putting me in the situation that I am today and giving me the opportunity to be the best that I could be. I know Coach Hollywood’s out there somewhere, I seen him walking around. He around here somewhere. I gotta holla at him too.

Winning the Heisman and helping my team win the national championship, were some great achievements but my ultimate dream is to simply be the best person I can be. This is not the end of my goals, it’s just the beginning. I have school and a career and I don’t know, I just wanna be the best person I can be. I wanna have a family one day and kids and I just wanna be a great person and give God all the praise and glory and thanks for coming out to celebrate with me and bless you all. Thank you!


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