Mark Ingram Jr’s Homecoming Rally Photos!

May 24, 2010

He’s been honored by the President, he’s been praised by ESPN, and now he’s a household name.

By winning the 75th Heisman Trophy, Mark Ingram Jr. was nationally recognized as the best player in college football last season, but for the people in his hometown of Flint, Mich., nothing he does surprises them.

“His grandfather was great, he’s great, his dad was great,” former NFL wide receiver, Andre Rison said about Ingram in Atwood Stadium on Saturday afternoon. “The Rison family and Ingram family roll together and they ride together like the Tide roll together.”

On Saturday, May 22nd, the city of Flint honored Ingram at Atwood Stadium by sponsoring a free event for a chance to once again recognize all of his achievements on the collegiate football level. Here are some of the photos of what went down…

Ingram's high school, Flint Southwestern Academy, honored him with this billboard.

Mark Ingram Jr. awaits for the celebration begin on the stage.

Andre Rison, Mateen Cleaves, Andre and Anthony Dirrell, as well as other notable Flint athletes praise the star.

A special photo of Ingram is unveiled to him for the first time.

As the ultimate accomplishment, Atwood Stadium unveils their new Ingram billboard over the scoreboard.

Ingram delivers his final speech on how pleased he is with the outcome of the event.


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