May 1st Will Symbolize Floyd Mayweather’s No. 1!

April 25, 2010

On a sunny day in Los Angeles on March 4th, fans fill up the streets to witness two of boxing’s most popular athletes attempt to market the most hyped fight of the year.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather and “Sugar” Shane Mosley hold a press conference. After the former 10-time champion, Oscar De La Hoya and Mosley’s trainer, Naazim Richardson offer their respective takes on the upcoming bout at the podium, Mosley was next up.

“This fights gonna be on May first. But you know May first is gonna be May’s first! I’ll make sure of that,” Mosley declared boldly as he wrapped up his speech.

“How corny?” I thought as I laughed while listening to this press conference on a YouTube video.

Mosley should be whooped for corniness alone. He doesn’t have the charisma, swag, or the boxing skills to take over Mayweather’s throne.

He’s admitted to steroid use.

“Unknowingly, yes, some of the substances they are talking about were being used as part of the workouts. I didn’t know what the hell it was,” Mosley said in an interview with in 2007.

He’s been beaten…badly!

“Vernon did a number on me, didn’t he?” Mosley told Sports Illustrated after a brutal loss to Vernon Forrest in 2002. “He stuck to his plan; he did his thing.”

Mosley’s trying to do the unthinkable by defeating the undefeated.

“Somebody’s gonna have to dethrone me, I proved that I’m the best,” Mayweather told Mosley in an HBO interview with Max Kellerman. “No disrespect but that’s what you’re here to TRY to do. Forty have tried and all forty had a game plan.”

Obviously none of those forty opponents were successful since Mayweather still boasts an undefeated record with 40 wins and 0 losses (25 Knockouts).

After years of wear and tear on his 38 year-old body, what’s gives Mosley fans any hope that this fight against Mayweather will work in his favor? Just a year ago, Mosley was viewed as an over-the-hill fighter before challenging the WBA welterweight champion, Antonio Margarito to his title. Now all of a sudden after one victory, which he did look convincing in his ninth round TKO over the Margarito, he is the third-ranked pound-for-pound fighter? Give me a break. Mosley will be nothing more than give Mayweather his 41st professional victory and further cement his greatness in the sport of boxing. After this fight, Mosley should retire.     

The Grand Rapids, Mich. native also known as “Money Mayweather,” has been the king of the sport, in my opinion, since 2005 when he defeated Arturo Gatti by a sixth round technical knockout (T.K.O). While he wasn’t officially acknowledged until 2007, when he was named as the Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year, he has deserved it every year if it was up to me. His last fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on September 20, 2009 didn’t do anything but to further prove his greatness. After a 21 month layoff, Marquez was supposed to be his toughest fight. In the end it turned out to be one of his easiest as he dominated the smaller opponent en route to a unanimous decision.

This is why May 1st will symbolize something and I don’t mean Mayweather’s first loss. This date will symbolize that Mayweather is still the number one fighter in the sport of boxing. Maybe even of all-time!

 “Yep, I’m better than Muhammad Ali! Sugar Ray Robinson? Yep, I’m better than Sugar Ray Robinson! I would never say it’s another fighter better than me. Absolutely none,” Mayweather confidently stated on a recent episode of HBO’s 24/7 Mayweather/Mosley. “I truly believe I’m the best. I know I’m the best. I gotta be a damn fool to give this sport 33 years of my life to say there’s another fight better than me.”

The funny thing is that I believe him.

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