WMU alumnus Louis Delmas hosts Haiti fundraiser

April 15, 2010

Nearly three million people were in need of emergency in Haiti, approximately 2 million were initially left homeless, and officials feared that death toll might have reached 100,000

These were just a few of the effects that came from one of the most devastating natural disasters of the millennium. It all happened on January 12, when an earthquake rocked the small nation of Haiti.

Amongst the millions of people that were affected from the tragedy was former Western Michigan University football All-American turned NFL star, Louis Delmas.

“A lot of my family was affected, starting off with my grandma and a couple of my cousins,” Delmas said.

“They [were] affected and we [weren’t] able to get a hold of them yet and I don’t wanna put a bug in anyone’s ear and say that they passed, but reality is reality. But that did affect me and that’s why I said that it’s so important for me to spread the word out there that Haiti needs help.”

In one of his first efforts to spread the word, Delmas will collaborate with his non-profit organization, We R Love, Inc. as well as the Athletic Department of WMU in order to host a barbecue event on Saturday, April 17.

The event will begin immediately after the annual Brown & Gold Spring Game and will raise funds to assist with the relief efforts in Haiti.

The event will last from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the public will be able to eat barbecue, drink beverages and enjoy music. Tickets will be $15 with a WMU ID and $30 for all other attendees.

Individuals will also have the opportunity to meet Delmas and receive an autographed photo of the alumnus.

“We just want to set up a base, since Louis and I are both [alumni] of the university and we hope that as the organization grows, that we will be able to set up some type of scholarship for an underprivileged student – most likely an athlete since that’s where Louis really comes from,” said We R Love PR Director, Royda Urey.

“This is also a great way for Louis to give back to the college, which is also a very informal event where he just wants to come and hang out with all of the students from Western [Michigan] and show his support and hopefully as they come to the event they’re giving back to us as we’re giving back to them.”

According to Delmas, this event is a great steppingstone to further accomplishing his goals of helping the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.

“I just want everybody to know that this foundation is made for those lost in Haiti and still trying to support those in Haiti. It’s never going to be enough with the little bit that we’re doing and with the stuff that other people are doing to rebuild Haiti and get them back in school and all that there,” Delmas said.

“So I just want everybody to know that Haiti is not forgotten, even though the crisis happened a couple months ago. [There are] still people down there [that are] struggling and still need help so I just [want to] get their name out there and help out as much as possible.”

For additional information about the event and VIP tickets, please contact Urey at roydaurey@gmail.com.

*This post can also be viewed on the Western Herald’s website and in today’s paper!


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