Dribbling 101 With WMU Point Guard Mike Douglas

January 14, 2010

When the Western Michigan University men’s basketball team is placed in a pressure situation, head coach Steve Hawkins can feel comfortable knowing that he has a true floor general with the ball in his hands! With all of the hard work that he has put in over the years, dribbling now comes naturally to starting point guard, Mike Douglas. After mastering the skill, Douglas is now ready to share a few tips to help others improve at the skill as well…

Eric Woodyard: What are some basic tips for somebody who may not know how to dribble?

Mike Douglas: A basic tip is to keep your head up and to try to stay low. The lower you get, the easier it is for the ball to come back. You just have to stay low.

EW: Who taught you how to dribble when you were younger?

MD: My momma…

EW: So what types of things did she used to tell you?

MD: She had me do a lot of little dribbling things like dribbling around a trail and just dribble! The more you dribble the better you’re gonna get. It’s just like practice because then you get used to where the ball is going and stuff.

EW: Did you used to watch a lot of NBA players or anybody in particular to help you pick up tips?

MD: Yeah, watching people helps too like when you see somebody do a crossover, I used to go outside and try to do their crossover and just practice. It’s really just practice that makes your handles better.

EW: Was it one person in particular though?

MD:  Um…Jason Kidd, because he was a point guard and he loves to pass like me and Chris Paul and pretty much all the point guards.

EW: Do you think dribbling is the key to being a good point guard?

MD: You’re gonna have to handle pressure because 9 times out of 10. They’re gonna try to pressure you but I think your IQ is the main thing because a lot of point guards can’t really dribble but they know how to get to where they gotta go so that’s the main key.

EW: Has there been any teams in particular, since you’ve been in college that has really made you pull out of all of your dribbling skills that have played good defense on you?

MD: I mean it’s always a guard on one team that’s gonna pressure you and you just gotta try not to dribble so much because when you dribble so much you aint really going nowhere. So you should try to like separate from you to the other person and create space, that’s the main key.

EW: Is there anything else you want to add that I haven’t asked you about like one drill in particular or anything…

MD: The main thing is to get a ball and just wherever you go just dribble. (Dribble with your) left hand, I used to walk down the street like Magic Johnson, and just walk down the street with the left hand and switch hands and go (with my) right hand and try the little crossovers and watch TV too. When you see somebody crossover and you like it, than try to take their little crossover too and add and put it to your game. If you can’t do it than just keep trying and do another move and just keep going.

Another thing is don’t think when you’re dribbling because most of the time when people try to think about what they are trying to do than that’s when they get messed up but if you let a move come to you than it’ll work out better.

*This post can also be viewed in the Western Herald or at westernherald.com!


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