December 31, 2009


Despite the Knicks’ winning ways as of late, it still ticks me off that Nate Robinson isn’t in the lineup. Why is Mike D’Antoni Marbury-ing this man? Let him play or trade him…it’s simple!

The game against the Detroit Pistons on December 29, 2009 at the Palace of Auburn Hills, marked his 13th-straight game on the DNP list. Although he hasn’t been playing, Robinson continued to keep a positive attitude all throughout the night as he cheered on his teammates while entertaining them as well. In the visitor’s locker room, I had a word with Nate. I had to see how he remains so strong.

SLAM: How are you staying positive throughout this whole situation right now?
Nate Robinson: Uh… God! That’s it.

SLAM: I see you got a lot of strength man and I admire that because a lot of players wouldn’t be able to stay so positive about that…
NR: Uh yeah, I imagine I’m gonna play one day. I mean if it’s not now then it’s definitely gonna be again. I don’t know for who but hopefully one day.

SLAM: How are you staying in shape?
NR: I workout two times a day every game day, run the bleachers, and shoot my same shots. I do abs and if I don’t do that, I ride the bike for like 20-30 minutes.

SLAM: Just keep a positive attitude..
NR: Thanks man! I appreciate it.



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