J.R. Smith Interview!

December 12, 2009

Prior to the Pistons v. Nuggets game on December 10, 2009, I caught up with the Nuggets high flyer, J.R. Smith for a short interview. Here is what he said…

Eric Woodyard: How do you feel about coming into the Palace tonight with Chauncey coming back home? Do you feel like you have to do a little extra work tonight?

JR Smith: Yeah! It’s a little bit more extra emphasis on this game to try to get him his first W coming back so we definitely gotta work harder.

EW: It’s been an emotional couple of days, yall played Philly and AI and now yall are coming to the Palace, which is Chauncey’s old home, how has that been?

JS: It’s great! It’s great for the game, it’s great for us and we just keep getting great situations. We won in Philly so hopefully we win tonight.

EW: I know the Detroit Pistons aren’t the team that they used to be but do you still get a little excited to play here anyway?

JS: Oh yeah. Since I’ve been in the league I have never won here so I always get a little amped up to play them. Regardless of what they had before they are still a good team.


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