Jamal Crawford Interview

November 30, 2009

Prior to the Detroit Pistons’ game against the Atlanta Hawks, I caught up with Hawks’ guard Jamal Crawford in the visitor’s locker room. Here’s what he had to say…

SLAM: You have one of the sickest crossovers in the League. You had to learn that at Michigan…
Jamal Crawford: [Laughs] I learned that before Michigan, but I used it there for sure.

SLAM: What’s the best situation that you feel like you use your crossover in?
JC: It just depends on what the defense is doing at that moment. I’m trying to see what I can get for my teammates and for myself.

SLAM: Do you like coming back to Michigan?
JC: Yeah, yeah I like coming back to play for sure.

SLAM: It’s so cold out here though man. Have you ever got used to the coldness here?
JC: Yeah it helped prepare me for Chicago and New York from how cold it could be here.

SLAM: So why did you choose to play at Michigan?
JC: Just growing up watching the Fab Five and the national exposure. It’s also a great school and I [liked] the opportunity to play right away.

SLAM: Do you ever talk to some of the Michigan players like Manny Harris and those new guys?
JC: I haven’t talked to Manny yet, but I’ve talked to some of the coaches. When I first left I talked to some of the players because they were still some of the people that I came in with and I was still watching them.

SLAM: You gotta expect big things from them this year, huh?
JC: Yeah, yeah for sure. They surprising a lot of people, they’re playing well.

SLAM: Alright man, what am I gonna get from you tonight? You gotta hit somebody with a crossover for me…
JC: You may get one tonight [laughs].


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