Charlie Villanueva Interview

November 30, 2009

Prior to the Pistons and Hawks game on November 29, 2009; I caught up with Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva in the locker room…

Eric Woodyard: Atlanta’s been playing pretty tough this season. Are you guys a little extra focused to play them because of how good they have been doing?
Charlie Villanueva: Yeah. Atlanta’s one of the hottest teams in the East right now. They‘re playing very good basketball right now and we’re just gonna try to take the approach like we’ve always been taking and try to win every game possible. We respect our opponent but we gotta try to win this game.

EW: Has it been frustrating so far? How have you been trying to keep your head up here in Detroit?
CV: It’s been a little frustrating, just the fact that we have all of these injuries to key players. We haven’t really, except for that first game, had everybody on the court at the same time but we will overcome this by the time we get everybody healthy.

EW: I’m following you on Twitter and I see that you and my fellow Flintstone Charlie Bell are always going at it. Has he been getting on you since y’all have been losing? [Laughs]
CV: Charlie Bell, that’s my partner. He’s cool. A cool guy and he’s a character, a good guy and we’re just clowning on each other but it’s all fun and games, though.


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