Ryan Slocum Interview!

July 21, 2009


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Favoring an ESPN/upbeat style in his delivery, Flint natives are blessed on a nearly nightly basis to watch ABC 12’s Ryan Slocum perform at work. 

Whenever the bright lights have grazed his pupils and tanned his skin, he has delivered the latest news in sports with vibrant energy. For the past seven years he has worked in his hometown covering the latest in local sports as well as the national events in the area like the Buick Open, the Final Four,the NBA Finals, and the Super Bowl.

After catching up with the two-time Emmy nominee, he had a few things to soundoff about (cough, cough…Pistons, Tigers, and Tiger Woods.)

EW: What are your thoughts on the Pistons moves this summer?

RS: I dont know what is going on. I havent been happy with the direction they were going in since 06. I think they shouldve made a move in 06, they definitely should’ve made a move in 07 when Rasheed flipped out and got kicked out of that game in Cleveland.

So I dont know what the direction is that (Joe Dumars) is going. I like Ben Gordon but you’ve got Rip and you just resigned Rip and I dont see how that’s gonna work. Who’s gonna play in crunch time? You know Gordon’s playing in crunch time, we saw it against Boston.

EW: Are you pretty surprised with the sucess of the Tigers this season?

RS: Yes, I didnt think from going back to last year that they’d be as good. Who knew Edwin Jackson would be as good as he was? Who knew that the hitting would be the big problem? You tell me that and that they’d still be in first place…

Verlander’s been lights out, they’re pitching pretty well and they’re doing better than I thought but there’s a long way to go. They gotta hit! You can’t keep losing games 2-1.

EW: So from the Tigers to Tiger Woods, how do you feel about him missing the cut in the British Open and do you hope that he still decides to come to this year’s Buick Open?

RS: Oh yeah! Oh my gost, you could have Phil Mickelson, Ernie Ells, and all the guys come to the Buick Open and not bring in Tiger or just bring in you and me with Tiger and it would be bigger than if all 10 of those guys came. There’s a different feeling in the air when he’s here, the crowd is here and you’re seeing arguably the greatest golfer of all time but I think because of the schedule it’s gonna be trouble. So I dont think he’s gonna come and with him not making the cut, who saw that coming? I didnt see that coming at all but it was a great story (laughs).

EW: Two of your stories have been nominated for Emmy’s, why do you think you have been successful with Emmy nominations?

RS: I have no idea, a lof of that is subjective, some people like one thing and other people like another thing. So I just got a bunch of people at that time that liked what I did. Those stories that have been were the ones that I like doing the best. They’re like human interest stories but they’re kind of like heart touching stories.

The ones that were nominated were the ones about Adrian Hunter and his whole story from Central to Grand Blanc. I like doing stories like that whether it’s Marquise Gray, Mateen Cleaves and the old Flintstones, or this kid Adrian Hunter, those are great.

EW: How do you stay creative with so much work on a weekly basis and constantly having to come up with new story ideas?

RS: I’m always thinking of stuff. A lot of my stuff you will hear is pop culture references, whether it’s a movie or something you hear people saying. You just always have to be thinking and thinking outside of the box. I watch Sportscenter and I try to talk like I’m just talking to you when I do my highlights like ‘Hey check this out,’ amd treating it as if no one has seen it before. I try to make people laugh and get people to watch.

EW: What’s the best part of the job?

RS: Going to games and getting to sit in the front row, courtside! Nothing beats that and then you get to have relationships with these athletes. You’re almost like part of it and it actually makes you feel like ‘hey, you did make it’ to the NBA a little.

EW: Who has been your favorite athlete to cover so far?

RS: My favorite local player ever to cover was Roy Williams when he played for the Lions. He got a bad rap but he was pretty misunderstood. After every touchdown that he’d get, he’d find a little kid and had the ball to the kid and every single day outta practice he’d go get a kid and he’d pull them outta the guard rale and that’d be his personal waterboy for the day and he’d sign a jersey and all that. He was always a team, team guy!

EW: What’s the best part of working in your hometown of Flint?

RS: First of all growing up here, you can’t beat working in the city that you grew up in because I actually care. I like when the Pistons won the championship, that was like the greatest thing ever, nothing’s gonna beat that. I care! I wanna see them do good. It’s a privelege because you know Flint’s gonna put out athletes.

I’m in the locker room when the Pistons win the title. In a suit, champaign fight, and I’m standing in the middle of it. I look at it like Charles Barkley (one of the 50 greatest players) and Patrick Ewing (great player), never won a title or been in a locker room when a team has won a title. Ryan Slocum, has been in a locker room of an NBA championship team covering his home team. It’s the greatest thing ever, nothing’s gonna beat that!


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