Mo Pete’s 4th Annual Flintstone Basketball Camp!!

July 16, 2009


Flint native and NBA New Orleans Hornet, Morris “Mo-Pete” Peterson collaborated with Reebok for the fourth annual “MoPete Flintstone Basketball Camp” at Northwestern High School. The camp was free for youths ages 8-17.

It focused on building the fundamental basketball skills, teaching the importance of teamwork, as well as keeping a positive attitude and hard work. Some of the camp counselors included: Corey Santee (former TCU standout), Mateen Cleaves (MSU legend), Antonio Smith (former MSU baller), Nick Stapleton (blacktop legend), Lamar Rice (NBDL player), Nicole Holmes (UNO standout), and Dejuan Wiley (former MSU baller).

Children attending the event were all attentive and ready to work hard!

While covering the event with my intern at ABC 12 in Flint, Mich., Mo Pete offered some insight to us:

ABC 12: Does hosting these camps ever get old to you?

MP: It never gets old coming back. I’m very excited about having the kids here and also the staff got up early and I really appreciated the guys getting up early and teaching the kids. We’re out here just having a good time right now.

ABC 12: Do you try to switch things up and do them differently each year?

MP: I try to get better every year. Every time we have our camp we just wanna come in and bring some enthusiasm and I think we done that.

ABC 12: How much can a kid learn in a week’s time? Do you think they get a lot out of the camp?

MP: We’re not here to tell every kid to be an NBA player but we are here to teach them hard work and discipline and I think at the end of the day they do get a lot out of it. A lot of kids from my camp are hitting me up on Facebook and Myspace and telling me how excited they are about the camp and how much they’ve grown and I get a chance to just see them grow and that’s what I get a lot of joy from because at the end of the day it’s all about them and their experiences and just trying to give them a positive experience.
ABC 12: I’ve bet you’ve been asked this a million times but how important is it for the kids in this community to actually see you? You’ve been where they are and made it so how is that for you?
MP: It’s important to be here. A lot of times they see me on t.v. and you look at some athletes and it’s like they’re hard to touch. You see them on t.v. but you never get a chance to see them in person so I try to tell the kids that they can be whatever they wanna be in life.
I’m giving you a hug and just being a part of their lives because I know the affect that it had on me as a kid meeting Glen Rice and all our Flint stars. They made me feel like I could achieve my dreams and that’s what I try to give them and try to be here and spend my time with them.
ABC 12: How proud are you of these other guys who are here early to give their time with all of their busy schedules?
MP: It says a lot about these guy’s character’s. Ladies and guys! for them to get up early and give their time, this is a free camp…so it’s great. I cant tell you how special it is for them to show up because they couldve been laying in the bed or doing other things but they chose to come spend some time here and teach these kids some basketball, so that says a lot about them.

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