ABC 12’s Ryan Slocum is Swagged Out!

July 16, 2009

Sloc Dog!

Sloc Dog!

In the world of sports, the guys reporting the news are often as overlooked as Tito Jackson for their efforts.

The process of gathering, producing, and presenting the information can be just as challenging as actually performing the event being covered. The Fli City of Michigan known as Flint, can make their claim for having one of the best reporters/anchors to grace their televison screens. For the past seven years (…his anniversary was yesterday), ABC 12’s Ryan Slocum has informed viewers in the area about the latest in sports on a near nightly basis.

Favoring an ESPN/upbeat style in his delivery, Slocum has shined whenever the bright lights have grazed his pupils and tanned his skin. Growing up in Flint and attending Flushing high school may have helped give him this confidence.

If Slocum’s confidence was formed on his home turf, his skills were perfected at Grand Valley State University, where he expanded his studies and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting. Before working at the ABC 12 offices, “Sloc Dog” worked in Grand Rapids for WGVU.

Since the beggining of the summer, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn directly from him and pick his brain at every chance possible. Dont worry, it hasnt bothered him though, in fact he is more than helpful.

A few of the things that have stuck with me in this time is that the ability to communicate effectively to decode the news to a clueless audience can be as hard as actually doing the interview. The grind to meet a specific deadline can face just as much pressure as taking the final shot in crunch time. The focus to get accurate and timely news with a solid script can be just as devastating as delivering the knockout blow in a championship bout.

Ryan Slocum has earned my respect (…no respect to Greg Molzon, he has too).

To be as successful as him you have to have swag! Flint is a city as tough as Tyson in his prime and only the strong survive. Not only has he held his own in ABC 12’s studios, he has went into the homes of several athletes (in the hood!) and came out with golden stories.

It doesnt matter if he’s flying to Pittsburgh to cover the Stanley Cup Finals, driving to Auburn Hills to film the Pistons, or driving on Saginaw Street to shoot hoops with kids at Berston, Slocum remains a professional. The slick haired, sports junkie, who listens to hip hop in his spare time should continue to keep the locals excited when they tune in to watch.

The man sometimes rocks the Air Jordan 12.5 when covering stories…what other reporter can do that? He has swag!


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