Flint Central’s Tiffina Bennett has pro potential!

July 2, 2009

Tiffina Bennett

Tiffina Bennett

When an athlete excels on the hardwood, there are a few traits that separate the good players from the great ones: hard work, competitiveness and skill!

Flint Central graduate Tiffina Bennett EASILY and soundly executes well in all three areas. Don’t let the innocent face fool you, she wants to be the best and has no reason to believe that she can’t be.

Last season she led the Flint area in scoring with 21.4 points per game, including a 41 point game, and was named to the Associated Press Class B All-State team. Based on her stats alone she had to be considered as one of the top high school players in the state of Michigan. But I had to see it for myself!

That day came earlier this week when we participated in a workout and played in a series of pick-up games at the University of Michigan-Flint. Let’s just say she handled the task.

Arriving a little later than expected, the 5-8 Bennett laced up her ankle braces and favorite sneakers, the Nike Hyperdunks, and was ready to go. We went through a few cupcake drills to get loose and opted to sit out the first game, instead calling “next” for the game afterwards.

With all male competition, teams were reluctant to take her seriously initially. Coming out with an array of magnificent plays, she quickly did damage and showcased to everyone watching her that she was on a mission for greatness. After about two possessions into the first game, she also convinced me that she was the real deal (… forget Holyfield) with a quick dribble drive to the basket for a simple lay up, showing great footwork as well as a burst of speed.

From shooting to driving the ball to ball handling, she is blessed with the total package to excel on the next level and never sweats in the process (… although she tried to convince me that she does). As she gets set to join the University of New Orleans in the fall, the area should take notice to her abilities because the city of Flint could be breeding up another professional athlete. Deanna Nolan watch out!

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