“Iron Mike” Tyson: Knockout King!

June 25, 2009

iron mike

Before the death of several close mentors, friends, and relatives. Before the fame and glory. Before the marriage to Robin Givens. Before the influence of Don King. Before James “Buster” Douglas!

There was a focused man that reigned supremecy over the Heavyweight divison of boxing. Marveled by many and feared by most, his name was “Iron Mike” Tyson.

Rocking nothing but black trunks, black boots (…minus the socks), red gloves, and a ripped towel as his robe, Tyson admired the spartan look and thrived off the intimidation factor when he stepped into his office. Nas put it best in his song “Legendary” written for Tyson when he said ‘spirit of the streets, walks in the ring, from Brownsville to Spofford to boxing king!’

Blessed with daedal skills and animal strength (…just ask Michael Spinks or anyone else from that era), Mike ran the 80’s. He won 33 of his first 37 fights by way of knockout and had to the potential to become the greatest boxer ever! 

fight nightThis is the Tyson that EA Sports looked to characterize in their new game “Fight Night: Round Four.” Gracing the cover alongside Muhammad Ali, gamers can’t help but to get excited to play this game, that is set to hit game shelves nationally today.  

Although this is not the first video game that Mike has been a part of, it could pan out to be the biggest. In 1987, Nintendo released “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!” which was a fan favorite with only one professional boxer billed as the headline. Now as EA Sports is set to release their game featuring “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” with their star studded roster of boxers, this game has no reason not to register as an instant classic!

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