Quintin Woods: Athlete of the Week!!

June 11, 2009

q woods

*This week I did the ‘Athlete of the Week’ feature at ABC 12 in Flint. The story is on Quintin Woods, a Flint native who will be starring at the University of Kansas this season for football. Click on the pick to view the story!!

Quintin Woods makes a personal comeback

  Eric Woodyard

FLINT (WJRT) — (06/10/09) — After a string of disappointments, a Flint Southwestern Academy graduate is on a quest to prove that anything is possible in his latest journey.

When Quintin Woods walked across Flint Southwestern Academy’s stage to graduate in 2006, he seemed to have the world on his shoulders. Then things quickly took a 180-degree turn.

“Coming out of high school in 2006, I had a scholarship down to Michigan. I was a non qualifier with the ACT, so I had to go the JuCo route.”

He had trouble adjusting at first because his confidence took a major hit. “It was times where I ain’t even go out. I ain’t even want to do nothing. I just stayed at home because I had to sit out for a whole year trying to battle the ACT, trying to battle, fight, go to court and do this.”

Rising from obscurity, Woods starred at Bakersfield Community College where he registered 80 tackles and eight sacks last season, earning himself a full ride scholarship to the University of Kansas.

As Woods looks to write another chapter of his life this season, he has a message for the younger athletes in Flint. “I see a lot of kids that don’t really take school seriously, and I was one of them kids too and it backfired on me. So I always tell kids to just stay positive and try to do the right things always and school.  Just be on it.”


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