Shannon Brown’s Prerogative: An NBA Crown

June 4, 2009

Get Up!

It's My Prerogative!!

2009 has been a helluva year for former Michigan State Spartan, Shannon Brown! He began the year with his sixth professional team (Charlotte Bobcats) since being drafted in 2006, witnessed his alumni take a huge L to the Tar Heels in the NCAA Finals, and last week had a Denver woman file a civil lawsuit alleging some ‘out of the ordinary’ sexual-related activities (…perfect timing huh?).

Despite all of these ‘technical difficulties’ that could have caused a great deal of odium to his character, Brown has been able to coruscate the Los Angeles Lakers line-up. He has been a valuable role player who’s added a great deal of toughness to the roster (…a typical Spartan trait).

Not only has he added the missing piece from last year’s team that was punked by the C’s in the Finals, he’s also exuberated a burst a energy that is missing from the other players on the roster. Brown’s presence clearly brings aliment to Kobe Bryant’s hunger for his fourth ring because he can trust the rock laying in his hands.

Averaging a career-high 5.7 points and 1.3 rebounds with a one-to-one steal-to-turnover ratio while shooting 48% from beyond the arc, Bryant has reason to have confidence in his capabilites. In my opinion he should be starting!

In nearly every game that he’s entered, he has had an immediate impact. Hence, the cram over Birdman in game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. The stifling defense on Chauncey “Mr. Big Shot” Billups. The solid play in the first round against the Utah Jazz. He’s responded to every challege placed in front of him.

From the Izzone to Hollywood to the NBA Finals, look for Shannon Brown to continue shine bright. Rocking the number 12 uni, the 23-year-old could serve as Bryant’s better half in the series. It is not only a dream of his to win an NBA crown this season, it’s Brown’s prerogative!

*click on the pic to view this at It’s Just Sports!


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