Thou Shalt Not Rock Braids!

February 16, 2009

It still seems funny!

It still seems funny!

Consider it a sin to wear cornrows if you are in the NBA! If Allen Iverson has decided to cut his, then David Stern should incorporate a new rule for the rest of the league to follow in Iverson’s direction (…just kidding).

 Although he wasn’t the originator of rocking the braids, he sure as hell was the most popular person of all-time. The two just went together so swell. It was like seeing Michael Jordan sporting a bald head, Steve Harvey with the high-top, or Don King with his nappy crown…they just fit! Any other look would seem pinchbeck. 
I will admit, I was very shocked when I seen him with the crispy cut at the All-Star Game this past weekend. It was like seeing him in his rookie season or during his Georgetown University days when he had the nastiest crossover on the planet to go along with his stupid hops. The day that Allen Iverson decided to cut his braids was also the day that he decided to cut away a piece of his life.
For the past decade, his braids have made him a force to be reckoned with. They helped him to reach MVP status in the 2001 season, win multiple scoring titles, lead a team to the NBA Finals, as well as establish him as one of the toughest players in the league!
These braids were not just any ordinary braids! They had such rich tradition and history. As he seeks to write another chapter in his life, he may not want to admit it, but he will be missing an integral piece of himself.
So much has changed for “The Answer” this year and I have witnessed it first hand (…due to the fact that I am a resident in the state of Michigan who is blessed with the opportunity to cover some of the Detroit Pistons games). 
With a new team, a new number, a new attitude, and a new look, only time will tell if we will be blessed to see the Iverson of old lead the Pistons to another historical run during the second half of the season. With his career gradually coming to an end, I expect Allen Iverson to put forth an interminable effort as he continues to play every game as if it’s his last. 
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