Kobe Bryant: The Opposite of Soft!

January 20, 2009

AP Photo

AP Photo

He’s clearly bigger. He’s clearly stronger. He has more publicity. His image is better. His overall statistics are better.

Why should there even be a question about if LeBron James is better than Kobe Bryant?

He lacks that killer instinct! Until the King gets that, he will forever be carrying Kobe’s jockstrap.

Last night at the Staples Center Kobe Bryant went so opposite of soft and showed the world why he is the best player on the planet by outdueling LeBron. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 105-88, with Mamba dropping 20 buckets, 12 dimes, and grabbing six boards.  Even with a dislocated finger, Kobe had the burning desire to check the King for almost the entire game and take on the challenge personally.

Put it like this…LeBron was rather normal with Kobe on him. He only connected on 9 of his 25 shots for 23 points with four assists and nine rebounds. Why isn’t Kobe considered for the Defensive Player of the Year award?

As indicated in his Christmas interview with Magic Johnson, Kobe had to show the media that he was still the best in the game and he doesn’t look like he will be passing the torch anytime soon. Kobe had to show the world that he seeks basketball perfection. Kobe had to show the world that he wants to go down as the “greatest basketball player of all time.”

It was apparent from the jump that Kobe had an agenda. After losing two straight games, he had to up his level of intensity.

Despite his pre-game quotes where he said that he thinks LeBron is the MVP at this point, by the end of the night he may have been forced to eat his own words. Although one game may not be enough for the general public to decifer who’s the better player, all Kobe did in their first battle of the season was to solidify my argument that he is the best in the game…hands down!!


6 Responses to “Kobe Bryant: The Opposite of Soft!”

  1. While I would take Kobe on my team over all other players *this season* and while I don’t particularly care for LeBron’s game, I have to admit LBJ is the MVP thus far. Yes, even now. His team still has one of the L’s best records and he’s clearly upped his ‘Killer Instinct’ factor. There’s no way he’ll win the chip this season, but Bron’ll get the another nice trophy for the collection.

  2. i agree…but i just love kobe and im glad he rose to the occassion last night…but bron will get mvp

  3. mamba rides coat tails said

    Rubbish. LeBron has beaten Kobe in 6 of his last 8 match ups and has outperformed Kobe overall statistically. Using 1 game as a basis for judging who is the better overall player between LeBron and Kobe is intellectually dishonest and absurd.


  4. Eric Woodyard said

    This is more than just one game…I see that LeBron has the overall head-to-head matchups but youre only as good as your last game! Kobe has been clearly seperating himself from LeBron including in the Gold Medal game when LeBron had to defer to Kobe in the clutch. Kobe was also hurt in a few of those games which forced him to sit out some of those game so the King’s stats should be better if mamba’s hurt!

  5. If you have to win one game right now, you take Kobe hands down. LBJ is a better player, though. He only has one “signature” game, when he scored like 20 straight points against Detroit in the playoffs. Kobe has a bunch of games like that, where he just took over.

    I think Kobe could be defensive player of the year, but he has to defend Anthony Parker and Larry Hughes as hard as he defends LeBron James. He takes some games off on defense when he plays a weak opponent. Can’t blame him though, he has to save it for the playoffs.

  6. robert said

    kobe is a better player hands down.

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