DeAndre Upchurch: The Leader!

January 10, 2009

The year was his!

There was no doubt in anyone’s minds that DeAndre Upchurch was the best high school basketball player in Flint, Mich. this season.

Averaging 25 points in his first three games of the season, he was a leader. The Flint Northwestern Wildcats were his beleaguered troops.

This was why when I seen him in Birch Run at the Adidas Outlet Store at the day after Thanksgiving sale, I let this eclectic scorer cut me in line.

“Ay man, can I cut? This line is too long!” Upchurch asked, holding two pairs of Adidas Pro-Models.

“Yeah dog, you straight,” I said.

“Good looking man,” he responds.

“Yep, but you better be killing this season in them shoes man,” I said as we laughed while we both paid for our items.

This is the Upchurch that I knew, the leader! Not the killer! The honorable mention all-stater from last year.

Ultimately this leadership led him in the wrong direction and backfired. Ultimately this leadership led him to get charged along with three others in connection with a drive-by shooting that injured a young mother. Ultimately this leadership may have daunted this bright young star’s career.

According to sources from the Flint Journal, this shooting stemmed from thirty dollars! Thirty dollars!

Thirty dollars  led Upchurch and his troops to go shoot up a house with an AK assault rifle and injuring a young mother trying to protect her two young kids.

He was labeled as the next “Flintstone” to make it out of the struggle, but because of his leadership this may be up in smoke.

What a tragedy!


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