Is Crater a Hater?

January 4, 2009

The Flint Journal

The Flint Journal

Ohio State University. Big Ten school. King James sponsorship. 10-2 overall record!
The perfect squad for a freshman to showcase his skills on right?
For Flint native Anthony “Noopy” Crater, this wasn’t enough. 13.1 minutes per game was too little time for him. 1.2 points per game was too less of an average for him. Coming off of the bench was not an option for him.
Instead of becoming a man and sticking things out through the tough times, Noopy dipped after just 10 games in search of another school to be the so-called “man.” Instead of being zealous to play alongside Mott transfer, Jeremie Simmons, Crater was a little jealous.
Moves like this give us Flintstones a bad wrap. Crater’s legacy as a Buckeye will simply be known as quitter! (…as well as being b*tch slapped by Miami’s Jack McClinton).  If this transfer doesn’t work out, this may place him in the same category as the likes of  Jaquan Hart and Cory Hightower who were both underachievers from Flint.
Hart thought he was too cool for school when he decided to enter the 2004 NBA Draft after two “average” seasons at Eastern Michigan University. In his two seasons as a Eagle, he posted career averages of 8.8 points and 2.6 assists. He was also set to play at Ohio State for the 2001-2002 season but just like Crater, decided to transfer.
Hightower was regarded by many in the city as being the best of his class, which includes Bell, Cleaves, and Peterson.He played two seasons with Indian Hills Community College, and had committed to play at Texas Christian University, but decided to leave early to declare for the draft. Hightower was  the “man” at Indian Hills. He was named NJCAA Tournament MVP his freshman year, and was named a First Team NJCAA All-American his sophomore year. After being Drafted by the San Antonio Spurs with the 54th pick in the 2000 NBA Draft, his rights were traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. According the the urban legend in Flint, Hightower had too much of an ego to carry Kobe’s bags or listen to Phil’s orders and was cut from the team.

Myth or not, Hightower did not suit up for a regular season game for the Lakers in the 2000-2001 season!

I had been bragging on Crater to all of my friends even before this season began. Since he was a small child playing for the Flint Affliation AAU squad, he was blessed with the potential to be great.
He has Magic Johnson-type passes, Allen Iverson-type quickness, with a Stephon Marbury-type ego.
Instead of paying his dues by coming off the bench and playing alongside Jeremie Simmons for this season, he would rather leave. What type of character does that show?
For Ohio State, Mary J. Blidge said it best when she said “we don’t need no hateration!”
*This can also be viewed at It’s Just Sports…click on the photo!

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