Ben Gordon Interview!!

January 4, 2009

After a tough loss to the Detroit Pistons on December 23, I caught up with Ben Gordon to discuss the sneaker game.
Since his schoolyard days growing up in Mount Vernon, New York, Ben Gordon has been an avid sneaker fiend.

Not only did he pay attention to the kicks that Penny Hardaway and Michael Jordan rocked, but he also wore what a certain person was rocking for the Detroit Pistons in the 1990s.

After wearing just about every shoe on the market, BG now rocks the legendary swoosh (Nike … for those of you who are confused) when he comes to work.

Following a tough loss in Motown, I caught up with the former University of Connecticut Huskie for some sneaker talk.

Being in Detroit, let’s talk about Grant Hill. Did you ever own a pair of his shoes growing up?

Oh yeah, when Grant Hill was at his best in his years in Detroit and he had them Filas, they were hot. Everybody had a pair of those, so he definitely put Fila on the map.

I see you are wearing the Hyperdunks, can you talk about them? I see that you have your own logo and colors, how did you guys design your sneakers?

I just got my initials on mine, my initials and my number so it’s pretty easy. They give me custom made patent leather and I just pretty much tell them what I like and it’s more comfortable than the other ones. I don’t have to do much work, they did all of it.

Are those some of the best shoes that you’ve worn so far in you career?

It’s hard to say because I’ve played in so many different types of sneakers. It’s hard to say which one is the best but those are definitely very comfortable and I like playing in them.

What would you list as your all-time favorite sneaker?

The Foamposites. I’d say the Foamposites, the ones that Penny Hardaway came out with. Those are definitely my favorites and then the (Air) Jordan 1’s. The red and black kind. Those are probably my two favorites right there.

Will you be rocking the Hyperdunks all season?

Yeah, until they take me out of them. They’re gonna come with some new stuff probably after the break or right at the all-star (game) so I probably will change into whatever they have.

*click on the pic to view this interview at It’s Just Sports!

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