Agent Zero Interview!

January 4, 2009

Gilbert Arenas loves the Palace

 With the Washington Wizards struggling at 4-19, they desperately are in need of their head honcho, Gilbert Arenas.

He signed a six-year $111 million contract in July after missing almost all of the ’07-08 season and all of this season with a knee injury, so Agent Zero is just enjoying all of the different sites around the league in street clothes.

Prior to the injury, Arenas was lighting up the league with 29.3 points per game in the ’05-06 season and 28.4 in ’06-07. After the game in Detroit last night, I caught up with Arenas outside of the visitors’ locker room at the Palace of Auburn Hills to talk about the some of the things he notices when steps into the home of the Detroit Pistons … as a spectator.

Is there any notable differences between this arena and many of the other arenas around the league?

Actually this arena is one of the more popular arenas because you get excited about playing here. One because they’ve been a champion within the last five years and their crowd is into the game so when you have these two elements then your team always wants to play.

Now that you’re not playing do you ever catch yourself paying attention to the things that are going on in the arena while the game is being played, like the live band?

When you’re out there, you’re zoned into the game but being on the sidelines you listen to what’s playing, what’s hyping up their crowd and what’s out there. You know you go a lot of singers always here and you just got good fans.

Is this one of the more soulful arenas?

This is Motown; this is where soul came from. They were here first. They were building their legacy. If you go into a place like New York, you know they have more stars and bands than they have players as well. This is one of the top five fans arenas just because the people are so soulful here.

Talk about your taste in music, do you listen to soul artists?

I listen to a little bit of everything. Back then it was all Michael Jackson and Prince. Other than that it was a little bit of Mint Condition from that era but other than that it’s just new school.

*click on the photo to view this interview at It’s Just Sports!


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